Old people should not wear sandals in summer

Old people should not wear sandals in summer

Wearing sandals in summer, it’s cool and popular.

However, this can only be the fashion of young people. Older people should wear sandals, preferably with thin socks.

  Liu Zhengtang, deputy director of the Xiyuan Hospital Geriatrics Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that although the sandals are very breathable, people’s feet are easy to sweat. When not wearing socks, the soles of the feet directly touch the sandals, causing the skin of the soles to soak in the sweat.

The hot and humid environment suitable for growing flour is formed, which is easy to cause foot fracture infection.

Over time, it is possible to cause the feet to “keratize”.

  Therefore, the elderly should choose a pair of thin cotton socks when wearing sandals, which can absorb sweat very well.

If necessary, you can also put on a more absorbent paper insole.

  The feet of the elderly are more afraid of squeezing friction, especially those with diabetes.

Therefore, in addition to wearing socks, you should also pay attention to the size of the sandals.

  Do not buy plastic or hard leather, should ensure that the sandals fabric is soft enough, soft leather is more suitable.

The heel of the sandals should have a certain height, preferably about 1 cm, to avoid problems such as walking pain and falling.

  In addition, a certain height of the heel can improve the seismic resistance of the soles of the elderly and protect the spinal disc.


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