“Hey!Are you still in the provincial capital?!What’s the matter with you today?do you know?When I chatted with Ouyang after you left,All her tears”Yao Junli on the phone said softly。

First1663chapter Maybe a good thing
Xia Jianyi was a little upset when he heard Yao Junli say this,He said angrily:“What’s so sad about her,She just smiled”
“So you think so?No wonder Ouyang Hong has given up on you,She said,National Day in October this year,She might get married”Yao Junli said to Xia Jian angrily on the phone。
Xia Jian became even more angry when he heard it,He said coldly:“If you want to get it!What to show off,I also end this year’s National Day”Xia Jian finished,And hung up the phone angrily。
Lying in the car,He doesn’t want to move at all。Looking at the stars of the city,It can be said that this star is if there is nothing,Just like his love。A bit vague,Can see,But I can’t catch it!
Xia Jian, a little bored, turned on the radio,It’s playing Jacky Cheung’s《Look back》。Xia Jian couldn’t stand it after hearing a few sentences,He quickly started the car,Ran along the main road for a while,Found a hotel on the side of the road,Drove the car in。
Register the house,Xia Jian bought another white bottle by the roadside,Ordered two bags of peanuts,Carried it upstairs。He took a bath first,Then played on TV,Watching TV alone,While drinking。
Unconsciously,I ate two bags of peanuts,When he finds out,A bottle of white wine followed。Xia Jian felt top-heavy at this time,Feeling a little dizzy。
He and Tao,He is almost drunk。Xia Jian struggled to stand up,TV turned off,And fell on the bed,He wants to sleep well,He wants to lose his troubles,Let everything go to hell!
Xia Jian slept dimly in this sleep,He didn’t even know his phone rang,Until your mouth becomes too dry,He also got up,When he remembered where he was,He just glanced at the watch on the bedside。
Oh my God,It’s already past twelve o’clock,Did he just fall asleep。It’s impossible that the sun came in from under the curtains,It should be noon the next day。I remembered what I promised Jones,Xia Jian scolded himself secretly,I quickly took the phone。
There are more than ten missed calls。The most is that Lu Ying played six,Next are the three that Jones played。Over,This time is completely over,I am drunk,People thought he didn’t want to help them,Deliberately not answering the phone。
I blame myself for drinking too much last night,Seems to have missed a major event。Xia Jian complained about herself,He quickly called Jones back。
One call,Jones asked with a smile:“where are you?Did you scare you away by my request yesterday?!”
“How is that possible,What Xia Jian promised,Never go back。Drank some wine last night,I didn’t expect to get drunk,Did it delay our work?”Xia Jian patiently explained。
Jones laughed and said:“No,I just let the afternoon pass。Where do you say you are,I let Lu Ying come to pick you up,I bought everything I brought,You just have to go with Lu Ying”
“Oh!You mean let me go with Lu Ying,Is that okay?What if someone doesn’t let it go?”Xia Jian asked worriedly。
Jones laughed and said:“Rest assured,We have completed the visit procedures this morning”


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