Li Ming did not answer,But his silence has explained the facts。

Not bad,Li Ming today,His attainments in the integration of three forces are equivalent to that of the Emperor of the Heart Sword,Bi Shi Dao Consummation,Three forces in one reach the ultimate existence of the fourth stage。His mind power and divine power are one,Enough to increase his fingering power by two levels。
On Realm,The swordsmanship of the heart sword emperor before breaking through was only the normal top Taoist level,After the breakthrough, it is also a very ordinary eternal emperor level。But the finger inside,Is a fusion of its own spear skills、Ultimate formation,And to comprehend one of the paws of the supreme Pauline。Fingering mysteriously reaches the threshold of the Lord of the Holy City。
With the fingering of the threshold of the Lord of the Holy City,Combine the power that surges close to two levels,Nature absolutely surpasses any Lord of the Holy City。
Endless territory today,Can really make Li Ming jealous,And only the three major masters and the bluestone Taoist from the Dao League Immortal Palace!After all, his mental energy consumption is still large。
And the Lord Scarlett in front of you,Not his opponent yet。
“Senior Feixue,Be careful!”The playful voice sounded in my ears,The face of Scarlet City Lord changed drastically。
“Hh hh hh~”
In the void,The huge world of hearts appears,Surrounded by countless galaxies。
Although the world of the pinnacle Daoist’s heart does not have much influence on Scarlet City Lord,But for Li Ming,Within the world of the heart,But he is in control。
The robe on the body surface turned into one hundred and eight thousand spars,Every spar is comparable to a chaotic world。
It was used in Li Ming’s world,Once used as a magic weapon for body protection。Although with the improvement of realm,And the destruction of a great battle that year,But now Li Ming’s status and financial resources are extremely high,Naturally re-harden this magic weapon。
“Robe of Ten Thousand Worlds~”With Li Ming’s heart moving,This robe directly covers tens of billions of miles,The same time and space imprisonment,It is even more coupled with time and space fluctuations and the world of heart,Thereafter—Crush to Scarlet City Lord。
The world of pure heart can’t help him,Heartable World Superposition Array,But it made Scarlet City Lord’s body shape。
Li Ming,Waiting for this moment。
In a while,Li Ming’s second soul rushed in front of Scarlet City Lord。


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