Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Nine Coser’s Envy

Of course Mr. Zhou can’t let them leave like this,His purpose has not been fully achieved。
Since Brown dared to use their painting exhibition to become famous,in turn,They also want to use him to enhance their reputation,Increase heat,Everyone is an adult,Profit-oriented。
The audience in the live room,gloat,After all, many people saw that guy not pleasing to the eye。
right now,Unlucky seeing Brown,Of course they are happy!
“Still Hu Niubi,It’s not human at a glance,Uh!Slur,Is the truth at a glance。”
“Hu Ge’s vision,I never doubted。”
“Saw someone getting slapped,I’m relieved。”
“Haha!Want to borrow our art exhibition,Isn’t it notorious this time??”
“I read,He won’t be able to mix in the art world。”
This matter is a bit big,Very quickly,First, it caused a heated discussion on the Internet。And the news soon spread to the networks of overseas countries such as the United States。
Internet users in some European countries,Start condemning now,Indicates that this is not the first time that Americans have misappropriated their European culture。
In fact,In the eyes of Europeans,America is very good now,But no cultural heritage,What art to talk about?Isn’t it a nouveau riche??What painting or something,They are not of European origin?Those big artists,Basically they are European。
Damn yankee,Always say it belongs to them。
It’s a bit like Koreans always steal Chinese culture,How long is my ancient culture all day long,Even further than China’s five thousand years of civilization,Isn’t this a joke?
quickly,Someone digs out other Brown’s works,I found this guy’s style of painting is always changing,The style is always the same。


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