Do your best,Through the crowds,Lu Menglin and AVI finally found my seat,Sit side by side。

Relatively speaking,The consciousness of the Korean people is still quite strong,The whole scene is noisy and not chaotic,Most people are seated according to their ticket numbers,They are just emotional,Yelling,But there are few disputes and contradictions。
of course,Probably this is also related to the hundreds of policemen working hard to maintain order at the scene。
Lu Menglin looked at these crazy and excited fans,I was quickly driven by the expanding heat of the scene,Unconsciously plunge into the hot atmosphere。
“Sorry,Please let let!”
“Sorry,Please let let!”
From the side of Lu Menglin came a clear and sweet female voice,It’s just that the other party is in Korean,So he doesn’t understand。
A hot Korean girl is wearing a black plaid skirt and a pure white cool top,Holding the fluorescent stick in hand,Trying to pass through the crowd,Squeeze to the second row。
She has a round toad black mirror on her face,Cover most of his face,So others can only look at the small and delicate chin,There is also fair and smooth skin under the sunglasses to judge,This is probably a superb beauty!
Her position is a coincidence,Just next to Lu Menglin,In the corner at the end of this row。
So she needs to go through the whole row of people,To get to your place。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Three Subtle touch
This action is like watching a movie in a movie theater,Someone passing by,Had to bend knees,Make people like the past。


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