Recommended moisturizing products to make you safe for winter

Recommended moisturizing products to make you safe for winter

I have only heard the north wind howling before, but this morning, Xiao Bian noticed that the autumn wind is also “whistling”!

This strong wind rang my moisturizing alert line. What are you waiting for?

The skin reservoir is established!

  The dry climate makes the skin dehydrated and dull, and building a skin reservoir is of course absolute.

However, we have to step by step.

So let’s start with understanding the correct concept of hydration.

  1, often rehydration: the body needs to replenish water frequently, not only drink water only once a day, drink all the water at once.

Similarly, skin hydration should never expect a bottle of “care sacred product” that can moisturize for 24 hours. In addition to routine moisturizing products, it is best to use a facial moisturizing mask.When your skin feels dry, you also need to replenish skin moisture and oil.

  2. Replenish water first, then lock water: after cleaning the skin in the morning and evening, you should first use moisturizing lotion and moisturizing essence. These products are mainly composed of water and absorbing moisturizing ingredients, which can help the skin “absorb” moisture, such as glycerin), Butanediol (butanediol), propylene glycol (propylene glycol), etc., and the higher moisturizing gradients are hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), collagen (collagen), etc., and its water absorption is stronger.

Afterwards, use a moisturizing lotion or cream suitable for your skin type. The oil and fat in the lotion and cream can build a water-proof wall for the skin, which can prevent excessive evaporation of water.

  AQUA SPRINA Nourishing and Moisturizing Nourishment Reference Price: 200 yuan / 170ml Product Introduction: AQUA SPRINA’s star product, which perfectly embodies the skin care concept of water channel protein: what it containsThe circulating moisturizing ingredients can promote the production of aquaporins and hydrated proteins in the skin, and the flowing water uses the skin’s deep layer to the stratum corneum to become more hydrated and plump, thereby effectively adjusting the stratum corneum forming environment and repairing the present and future stratum corneum, soThe texture of the skin surface is full of tension and touching gloss.

Ingredients are added with tea extract which has antioxidant effect.

The functional aroma ingredient XERESSENCE, with an elegant fragrance based on orchids, makes daily treatment time feel comfortable and pleasant.

  Three types are provided according to skin characteristics, seasons and customer preferences.

  Ⅰ: refreshing and moisturizing type II: soft and smooth type III: mellow and plump type Recommended reason: AQUA SPRINA’s latest star product in the series, the most recommended highlight is that this nourishing liquid can replace traditional lotion, gradually doubleThe moisturizing effect helps people to achieve a fresh and moisturizing skin care process.

  Clarins Hengrun Moisturizing Essence Reference Price: RMB560 / 30ml Product Introduction: Clarins Hengrun Moisturizing Essence is aimed at the four major structural levels of the skin, perfectly combining the essence of unique rainforest plants with high-tech moisturizing, while effectively repairing the skin’s protective barrier and promotingThe skin’s internal moisturizing mechanism initiates the introduction of four layers of hydration from the hydrolipidic film to the dermis layer, which progresses from the surface to the inside and the layers to achieve the “hydration mechanism of the outer layer, water lock on the surface layer, active water on the inner layer, and deep water storage”To make the muscle bottom reservoir full lasting.

With the essence of “Blue Water Elf” and cream treatments suitable for different skin types, the skin can resist the changes of the season, climate and environment, and from the inside to the outside, it always presents a soft, smooth, healthy and transparent texture.

  Recommended reason: This bottle of “Blue Water Elf” is a collection of Clarins high-concentration plant extracts and cutting-edge technology, a special water-oil separation active formula, shake it, and shake it gently, releasing the efficient and fat-soluble essence in the bottle, which can quickly penetrateTo the sebum membrane, cuticle, epidermis and dermis, it introduces and stores a large amount of water for the skin, while improving the skin’s own repair and external defense functions.

  Neutrogena Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: RMB 129 yuan / 50ml Product Introduction: Neutrogena launched the world’s first set of moisturizing series-“Water Moisturizing Moisturizing” hydrating and moisturizing products, focusing on young Asians
35 years old) Women with dry skin urgently need hydration!

A skincare brand recommended by dermatologists, Neutrogena compresses and accumulates millions of molecular weight hyaluronic acid into the skin. It can absorb about 1,000 times its own weight of water, replenish epidermal cells and smooth wrinkles.

Daily supplementation, cells are naturally full and full.

At the same time, after nearly three years of meticulous development, dozens of procedures have been screened to select olive plants from “Tuscany”.

Its natural and interstitial composition of human skin cells is extremely similar.

Has excellent skin permeability.

Can help moisturize the skin layer by layer.

Sepitonic M3 is a complex of trace elements extracted from natural minerals to provide energy for cells.

Its unique structure organically combines the three trace elements copper / zinc / magnesium to become a part of the moisturizing factor, truly achieving cell-level moisturizing “inside and outside”.

  Recommended reason: The star product in Neutrogena’s lively and transparent series, hyaluronic acid carries water 1000 times its own weight, providing a rich and moisturizing environment for cells.

After continuous use, it hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and transparent from the inside out.

  L’Oreal Paris Moisturizing Water Sensitive Mask Reference Price: 100ml / 150 yuan Product Introduction: Passing on the core moisturizing energy of moisturizing-Contains French Vosges SPA mineral water and mineral essence, bringing instant and dense moisture filling to the skin, immediately helping the skinWatery skin regains softness and plumpness, improving long-term dryness in autumn.

What’s more special is that it contains high-power mineral substance, which can strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and let the water get in and out. The skin seems to be bathed in a mineral bath, and it feels full of water all at once, feeling from the depths.Fill it up and stay moist all day long!

QSmooth skin, you deserve it too!

  Recommended reason: L’Oreal Paris’s first intensive moisturizing mask, infused with mineral essence at high magnification, keeps it moisturized and locked once!

Contains high-concentration mineral extracts, extracts the pure SPA mineral water of Vosges, and contains high-power mineral extracts (calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese) to strengthen the skin’s water-blocking barrier and lock the moisture tightly.

Instantly replenishes moisture, injects plenty of moisture and essence at one time, making skin instantly plump and plump.

Long-lasting tenderness and see-through.

  Laneige Snow Melting Water Revealing Mask Reference Price: 20ml * 8 / RMB 350 Product Introduction: From the peak of the Karakoram Mountains, which is more than 7000 meters above sea level, it has been called “milk water”, replacing minerals.
It is the natural water of Hunza (one of Hunza’s average age 120-140 years), which is one of the three longest-lived regions in the world. The glacial water filtered down naturally, without any pollution, without any irritation, even sensitive skin can be used.
Six kinds of ionized minerals promote the metabolism of the skin. Among them, there are calcium and magnesium elements required by the skin to build the skin’s natural moisture penetration, purify the skin’s aging cuticles and impurities, accelerate metabolism, and create transparent and shiny skin.

Generates regular cell metabolism by activating enzymes to help increase skin moisture storage capacity.

Improves skin’s absorption of active ingredients and replenishes excess moisture to dry skin.

Purifies skin aging keratin and impurities, protects the harmful substances in the environment around the skin, and creates transparent and shiny skin.

There is no need to use an exfoliating product. After cleansing, using this product can make the skin clear and smooth, and full of water.

  Recommended reason: to purify the skin, help the cells return to a state of osmotic balance, promote skin activity, improve skin moisture storage capacity and ability to absorb subsequent products.

The trace ionized mineral Himalayan snow melt water has soothing, anti-inflammatory, and strengthen skin’s own immune system.


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