San Ran County Public Security Bureau launches police practical skills course training

  The picture shows the training of police practical skills courses in the Sanshi County Public Security Bureau.

This reporter Zhang Yu photo is carried out to further promote the actual training activities of the police, enhance the first-line police police skills. On October 12th, the Sangshi County Public Security Bureau invited the Shannan Public Security Bureau to conduct police practical skills course training.

  It is understood that in on-site teaching activities, members of the Shannan Public Security Bureau members of the Shannan Municipal Public Security Bureau are based on the actual work of law enforcement, focusing on practical practical practical effects, seriously explaining and training police skills tactics.

The practical instructor adopts the way of realistic real simulation, focusing on the speech, disposal process, precautions and common problems in the on-site law enforcement; for the short board and shortcomings in the drill, the hand handle teaching, point-to-peer communication, and Extensive interaction and strive to make every policeman can master the police. The actual combat instructor also combines the practical and characteristics of the work, surrounding the vehicle staff, emergency disposal, safety protection, etc., from simple disposal processes, tactical cooperation, etc., the police, demonstration, let the police, the auxiliary police Hold. During the period, the instructor patiently explained the actual operation of the participant and formed a good interaction with the participants, especially for each instructor against individual people’s auxiliary auxiliary aircraft, especially the short board, which did not master, etc., there is a focus Single counseling and explanation; at the same time, it is repeatedly explained repeatedly in common police skills tactics and promptly solve the doubts of the private police.

All participating police spirit, the training is enthusiastic, and it has said that this delivery of the first-line activities is a "timely rain", effectively solved the problems encountered in law enforcement work, which greatly enhances its own actual combatability and level.

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.


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