She is originally curious,But in the summer of the summer,Immediately widened,Bite,“It’s you!”

“not me。”Summary is quite speechless,“You got the wrong person。”
Say,Active change direction,Be left。
“It’s you!”
Blue hair girl stops him again,At the same time, the red-haired girl shouted,“Tits,He is the dead base!The dead base on the highway!”
Summer mouth。
You are dead base,Your whole family is dead base。
“Wow!I think of it.,it’s him。”
Remind,Red-haired girl suddenly realized,Also quickly,“Ok, you have a dead base,Do you know that I am almost killed?!Still, we are dish!”
“terribly sorry。”Summer continues to be stupid,Look serious,“First of all,I am not a base,Second,Not a dead base,at last,I am a civilized person.,I have never been proud!”
Discuss,These two girls are very beautiful.,The five officials on the face are exquisite,Body development is also good,Just dressing is too thick, it is exaggerated, not mainstream。
“It’s you,You jealize our dishes!”Blue hair girl is not still,“At that time, I saw clearly.,You are driving,Your dead base companion rushes me vertically!”
Summary is a bit helpless,Some crying laugh,“You also said yourself,I am driving.!”
It was a set of words.。
“Look,Still not you,What are you saying now?!”Blue hair girl。
The red-haired girl is aligned with Xianji,“This beautiful sister,You must be careful,This guy is a dead base,Remain,You don’t want to be good.。”
Blue hair girl is attached,“exactly,He wants to blend us at high speed.,The result won,Our sisters are rushing,He told us that he is a dead base.。”
Puff! Summer bloody old blood spray。
It is your active provocation.,Now the girl is really famous??Seeing him,The fantasy next to it is laughing.,Active and summer pull away,Hold the shoulder to see jokes。
NS701chapter Hoe mistake
“What do you want to do??”
Summer looks at the two bodges,Some helplessness。
“What do you say?!You almost killed us.。”Blue-haired girl is not a look like,“Besides……Your base companion?,Let him apologize for us。”
“I remember that you first swear.。”Summer picking your eyebrows,“and,It is also your car.,how?Can’t afford to lose?”
Blue hair girl,Some shame,High-grade,Gambler,“Who,Who can’t afford to lose,I,Are we doing such people??”
“that is,I am Ma Xiashi never losing people.。”Red-haired girl is also strong。
“Yes?”Summer is obliquely,Hoe,“Since this,Then don’t find the post.。”


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