First2627chapter Framed
Everyone chatted together for a while,It’s time for noon banquet。Xia Jian didn’t want to go,But Wang Youcai said nothing,Drag him to accompany a certain leader in the city。
Xia Jian used to work in officialdom,So some things are still very understanding。Under Guan Tingna’s persuasion,Xia Jian in order to better carry out his work in Pingdu in the future,He had to bite the bullet and agreed to Wang Youcai’s request。
The leader’s table is set up in a private room。Of course, this table has the owners Wang Youcai and Niu Huiling,Followed by Hu Huiru and Xia Jian。The remaining few people are all the leaders in the city,Not in this department,Which department is it,Anyway, there are people with a big face。
Xia Jian wanted to support Wang Youcai,He was very proactive,He kept persuading everyone to drink。At first the atmosphere was a bit blunt,After a few glasses of wine,Everyone started to talk freely。Wang Youcai brought Jiu Jin,Keep telling the leaders about Xia Jian’s contribution to Pingdu。He also said,If Xia Jian persists in politics,,Now it’s possible to go to the market。
These words of Wang Youcai,Upset some people。Some people in this wine bar are upset,Started talking with wine。So a few laps,Wang Youcai really can’t touch North。
Fortunately, Xia Jian has a lot of alcohol,Plus Hu Huiru assists him,So a few laps,These leaders climbed down a big circle。
Niu Huiling is Wang Youdao’s woman,She knows the mystery。Just when Xia Jian and Hu Huiru were holding wine glasses to toast these leaders,Who drink too much,Niu Huiling arranged to be sent away one by one。
The meal didn’t end until three o’clock in the afternoon。When Xia Jian left the position,It was also the car that Lin Wei was supporting。Lying in the car,Xia Jian just remembered Guan Tingna。He only knew when I asked Lin Wei,Guan Tingna has already gone back to the group。
Because of drinking too much,So Tong Ming sent Xia Jian directly to his residence in the staff apartment。Lie down on the bed,When he opened his eyes again, it was dark。
Xia Jian drank a glass of water,And then took a bath,He just quietly went downstairs。Where did the security guard on duty get the car key question,He secretly drove back to Xiping Village。
When he came home,Three kids are crying,It’s like a concert at home。Which one will be on stage,Three adults each hold one,Being busy。
Xia Jianyi appeared,The house is even more lively。He coaxed the child first,And then went back to my room,When Ma Yan comes to ask him to eat,Others are asleep。Ma Yan saw that Xia Jiankun became like this,And she also found out that Xia Jian had drunk,So he didn’t ask him to get up for dinner,But undressed him,Covered it with a quilt and let him sleep well。
This sleep is really reliable,It was the next morning when Xia Jian opened his eyes again。Watching the three little babies sleeping beside him,Xia Jian’s heart is sweeter than the one who drank honey。
Just had breakfast,Lin Wei called,Xia Jian wanted to go out and have a look,Unexpectedly, Lin Wei said on the phone that there are important things that need a meeting。
Xia Jian had to say sorry to Ma Yan,Then trot out of the village。He drove into the car and arrived at Donglin Square in Pingdu。
He just got out of the car,The security captain Tong Gang walked over with two security guards。Xia Jian knew very well in his heart,They were afraid that someone would be unfavorable to Xia Jian。
Once in the office,Guan Tingna ran in with a tabloid。She put the tabloid in front of Xia Jian and said:“These bad people can make up things like this,I can’t just forget it this time”
Xia Jian took a look at the newspaper,I saw the eye-catching title printed in bright red letters“The general manager of Hongjian Group is rich and unkind,Not only don’t help those who ask for help,And let the security threaten。The following content is purely fabricated,It’s just nonsense。


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