In life,He can’t do it,His life is full of pain,Full of waiting,Full of the most sad things in his life。

But now it’s different.,He now feels your life is getting more and more perfect.。
Mall,In love,In love,He thinks these becomes perfect。
Such happiness,He wants to go。
Loss a billion, what is it??
I can’t buy a family for ten billions.。
His blue is the most important!Lu Haozheng picked up the coat,Blue Xin is getting up,Go to handle coffee on your desk。
“Lu Hao Cheng,If you feel uncomfortable,Let’s go to the hospital first.,Don’t be burned.。”
Blue Xinyan。
Lu Haocheng looked at her action,Gentle laugh,This warm and quiet time is particularly comfortable,She exudes a clean simple breath,Let him struggle in the turbid city,I feel that she has a new world.。
These years for the development of careers,In order to let yourself not be squeezed by this business,He has been tight,Don’t dare to have slight slack,I have kept in order to work on the night.,Just want to wait when the person returns,He can present the best gesture in front of her,I have qualified to tell her.:“Blue,I have the ability to give you happiness now.。”
I want to say such a sentence.!He walked over,Holding her from her。
Blue Xin moves slightly,Laugh:“What happened?”
Lu Haochi micro hook:“Don’t want to leave you,I don’t want to be in the moment。”
Low voice,Full of confusion。
Lan Xin, smile, look at him,I feel that he and the child have no difference.,In fact, I also understand the idea of his heart.。
“Blue,You didn’t come back before,I think of you over and over again every day.,Look at various business materials every day,You and those commercial information will alternate in my mind,Over everything,It’s better to have you happiness when you are.。”
before,He thought she was small.,Now switch from the time of the time to her now,To say that she thinks her thoughts every night.,That is indeed true。
Her sweet voice,Gentle smile,Always break into his mind without a sign。
Blue Xin smiled slightly,Breathing pain,road:“I have already returned to you for so long.,so,Don’t worry again,I won’t leave you again.。”
Although they have been separated for more than ten years,But now it is not stranger each other.。
“Um!Blue and blue don’t leave me,very nice!”
Lu Haocheng closed his eyes closed,The laughter of the lips is too long。
Blue Xin language is soft:“Then let’s go eat.,I’m hungry,Very hungry!”
She eats less,Hungry,When she is hungry, she is a face.。
“go!Let’s go to eat。”
Lu Haozheng pulled her,Go outside。
Go out,I have encountered just out of European.。
Ou Jingli looked at two,Watching slightly flashing,Clear face,No change,“going to finish get off work。”
Ou Jingxi sounds in a long time。
Lu Haozheng nodded。
European:“I have found some things here.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“9After the point,WeChat chat。”
Ou Jing, no more,Point,Turn around,Long figure,Big step。


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