Lazy Men’s Eight Fitness Tips

Lazy Men’s Eight Fitness Tips

If you belong to the lazy family, but you do not want to enter the grave too early, do not want to change your unhealthy lifestyle, and do not want to go to the gym to waste your precious time, then quote the British “Daily Mirror” for lazy menEight suggestions for staying healthy.

These suggestions may indeed be good for your health, and it does not require you to put in too much effort and sacrifice: 1.

Sex can burn 150 kilocalories of change every hour during sex. At the same time, sex can also enhance your immunity and prevent prostate cancer, and it can also replace potentially dangerous chemicals in the body.


Excessive fat on food is simple. Take a rag and wipe off excess oil from pizza, hamburger or sausage.

This method allows you to consume at least 14% less fat without changing the original taste of the food.


More kisses According to information provided by some insurance companies, men who habitually kissed their wives before going to work in the morning often had fewer accidents, and lived more than five years longer than men who were always indifferent to their wives.


Intentionally controlling excessive quantum absorption According to scientists’ calculations, men’s weight increases by about 800 grams per year on average, but their daily energy consumption has only decreased by 100 kcal, which is equivalent to 250 ml of beer or twoThe speed provided by the biscuit, so to prevent overweight, you must intentionally control the introduction of conversions.


Drinking and drinking coffee at the gym is proof that coffee or Coca-Cola contains enough caffeine to boost your body’s endurance by up to 30%, and it can also make you burn more aunts during exercise.


Marriage According to research by scientists, married men can live at least three years longer than those who are single.


Try to walk to work as far as possible. Studies have shown that walking for one and a half kilometers (about 2,000 steps) a day can even avoid excessive accumulation of slight amounts in the body, and can keep the cardiovascular system in a healthy state for a long time.


Eat more fruits and vegetables. In fact, even lazy people can easily do this.

For example, drinking a cup of fresh orange juice every day, adding a fruit to the breakfast recipe, and adding more vegetables to the lunch sandwich can easily meet the body’s demand for trace elements.


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