Can transport 8 tons of drugs! Ecuador Navy students training intercepted drug trafficking semi-lascraft

On November 19th, according to the Economic News Network of Buenos Aires, Argentina recently reported that in the international waters between the Colombian exclusive economic zone and the Ecuador island exclusive economic zone, the Ecuador Navy intercepts a low water level for drug trafficking. The wire ship is only (LPV). There are 3 Ecuador and 1 Colombian on this Airfound ship.

According to the report, the Ecuador Navy Training Orona, who intercepted this LPV vessel during international training cruise in the international training cruise. The Guardian is conducting a training only in the international waters, aiming to train the basic navigation technology of the students.

The Guias is an Ecuador Navy used as a three-wheeled ship. The Er Navy’s military school students and the school soldiers have been deeply contacted with the sea through the ship. The ship was built in South America in 1841, the base in the city of Ecuador.

The Guias is considered to be Ecuador’s ambassador, participating in many sailing competitions around the world, and appears on the badge in Ecuador.

According to the information provided by the Ecuador Navy, hand-made LPV vessels have strong carrying capacity and hidden in public seas, often used by transnational drug criminal organizations to transport drugs and illegal items. LPV is a semi-sub-vessel that can be sailed in a state of only 10 to 20 cm of the surface of the surface. The former is difficult to discover by other vessels because their color is usually integrated with waves, and the vessel does not have a prominent part, and the reconnaissance machine cannot find them, and the radar is difficult to detect them.


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