Psychological prescription a vanity woman must accept

Psychological prescription a vanity woman must accept

A girl from a poor family has just entered the society. In order to pursue fashion, she borrowed money to buy high-end clothes, and borrowed money to buy necklaces and rings to show off.

People around praised her richly with envy, she only said that it was bought by her parents.

One day the doorway was full of debtors, and the people around them understood what was going on.

Since then, everyone has been hiding from her, and she is scheduled to surround her distress.

  Analysis of so-called vanity is distorted self-esteem.

Vanity is for both men and women, but women’s vanity is generally stronger than men’s.

Therefore, vanity hurts women more than men.

This type of person appears as a strong vanity on the surface, and the underlying psychology is guilty conscience.

On the surface, he pursues face, swells his face and fills him with fat, but he is empty inside.

Superficial vanity and innermost guilty continually struggle: continue to be tortured by the unsatisfactory status quo until the end is not achieved; unless the end is achieved, fearing that the truth will be revealed.
If a person is always tortured by this ambivalence from at least two aspects, their soul will always be painful, and there will be no happiness at all.

  Aiming at vanity psychology prescription 1, the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.

When a person pursues truth, goodness and beauty, he will not show off himself through improper means, and he will not have a false name.

  2. Overcome the blind mentality of comparison.

Comparing horizontally with others, the psychology can never be balanced, and the vanity will be rebuilt more and more. It must be compared.

Compare with your past and see if there are improvements in all aspects.

  3. Cherish your personality.

Advocating a noble personality can give vanity no chance to look up.


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