People’s Daily editorial: struggling to do a good job of "three rural" work to ensure comprehensive well-off

  At the beginning of the new year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council publicly released the key work on the field of "three rural", ensuring the comprehensive and well – off of the comprehensive well-off. "

This is the seventeenth "No.1 document" that has been issued by the Party Central Committee since the New Century. This year’s "No. 1 document" is fully built into a well-off society in an all-off society, emphasizes that resolutely win the poverty battle, accelerates the full-scale well-off "three rural" field highlights the short board, and do a good job in this year’s "three farmers" work, Ensure that the poverty is completely ended, ensuring that rural synchronization is fully integrated with a well-off society. "Three rural" is good, the overall initiative.

In 2019, in the face of the complex situation of the risk challenges at home and abroad, under the strong leadership of the party centron’s party in the heart of Xi Jinping, the annual poverteil task was completed, and the overall achievement of agricultural development has been stabilized. Rural people’s livelihood further improved, rural reform Continuous deepening, rural governance levels continue to increase.

The development of "three rural" continued to a good situation, stabilizing the economic and social overall situation, laid a solid foundation for comprehensive construction of a well-off society. In 2020, the year of building a well-off social goal is achieved, and it is a comprehensive winning year to win the universal warfare.

How is the quality of the poverty, how to do well, to a large extent, to see the work of "three rural" this year. We must deeply understand the special importance of "three rural" work in 2020, clarify the target tasks, take out the hard measures, pay close attention to work, uncomfortable, sustained to strengthen, and resolutely capture the first hundred years of struggle targets . Winning and going to the poverty is the top priority of the completion of a well-off society. It has already achieved decisive achievements. Most of the poor people have been poverty, and now they have come to the stage of attacking the city and fully ending.

It is necessary to take a gas, take advantage of the situation, concentrate on overclocking the final poverty fort.

It is necessary to consolidate the poverty reductionance to prevent the regeneration, strictly put the good poor county.

Maintaining the overall stability of the poverty policy, adhere to the poverty-stricken county, unsuccessful, no policies, do not pick up the help, do not take supervision, ensure that the poverty reduction is affected by history and practice.

  Comprehensively built a well-off society, the most prominent short board in "three farmers".

It is necessary to target the most direct and urgent expectations of the peasants, increase rural infrastructure construction, improve rural water supply security level, and solidly do a good job in rural people’s environmental remediation, improve rural education quality, strengthen rural grassroots medical and health services, and strengthen rural areas. Social security, improve rural public cultural services, govern the rural ecological environment. At present, it is necessary to respond to the exposed short board and lack of pneumonia-infected pneumonia, focus on strengthening rural public health system construction and environmental investigation and remediation, and improve rural emergency management system, and accelerate the improvement of rural governance systems and governance.

  Increased income is the basis and premise of building a well-off society in an all-round way. For a large country with a population of 14 billion, it is always a major event for the effective supply of important agricultural products.

Grain production adheres to the stability of the word, focusing on policies, stabilizing the area, stabilizing production.

Accelerate the production of pig production, adhere to the combination of pumping and disease prevention and control, promote the upgrading of industrial transformation and high quality development, and ensure the stability.

The peasant well-off is not well-off, and the key to see income.

To focus on developing a rural industry in the country, relying on the country’s value-added benefits and employment opportunities to stay in rural areas and leave the farmers. Stable migrant workers employment, encourage all kinds of talents to return to the countryside, and multi-channel promotion of farmers’ continuous income.

  Do a good job in "three rural" work, the key is in the party. It is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the "three rural" work, adhere to the priority development of agricultural rural areas, strengthen the five-level secretary to grasp the resulinage responsibility, and play the role of the fighting fortress of rural grassroots party organizations. Increase the "three rural" investment efforts, improve the development of rural industries, strengthen talents and science and technology support. Do a good job in rural key reform tasks, adhering to the stability of the land contractual relationship and long-lasting, and fully launch the reform of the rural collective property system.

Strengthen rural grassroots governance, promote social governance and service focus to the grassroots, actively regulate resolution of rural contradiction disputes, and safeguard rural social harmony and stability. Sticking from the actual situation of rural areas, respecting the wishes of farmers, respecting the wishes of peasants, and solves the top priority. The goal of the "three rural" work this year has been determined, let us insist on the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping. .


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