“team leader,Your blood volume is too bad,Do you have to go now?”Watermelon asked。

“Don’t care about blood volume,The key is not to lose!”Pineapple smiled bitterly,Come out from the flank,Towards the fortress defended by Erma Pingchuan。
Pineapple observes Ermapingchuan in the distance,He is like a thousand-year-old statue standing silently in front of the fortress,Gun down,Hands on the butt,As if facing the thunderbolt、Taishan collapsed without changing his face,Stand still。
The distance between the two is getting closer,The pineapple wants to grasp the moment when the opponent is not aiming with the gun,Take the lead in sweeping towards Erma Pingchuan。
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
The gunfire seems to have a control button,Ringing moment,Then completely activate the statue in front of the bunker,Erma Pingchuan opened his eyes,Pounce on the shooting pineapple like a killer in the host。
“Tu Tu Tu!chug!chug!”
Pineapple continued to shoot at the approaching Erma Pingchuan。
However, the enemy’s ghostly sudden approach,Perfectly avoided all the bullets,Only bullets made a long line of marks on the desert。
“come on,Also break up suddenly!I’m not afraid of you!”The pineapple shouted to increase the firing frequency of the weapon!
“Tutu tutu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu——”
When the pineapple emptied a whole magazine of bullets,Heard that belong“Big pineapple”Peculiar gunshots when firing,The sound is as clear as the clear sound when a porcelain bowl falls。
Pineapple looked at his character in the picture and fell to the ground after being shot through the helmet,My heart is full of unwillingness to hit the bullet……


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