First1845chapter There are joys and worries

? Wang Youcai is a little proud during this time。Sales of Chenzhuang Landscape Tree,Let him make another small sum。Yao Chunni’s mother-in-law,With his great help,Actually came alive。And now it’s like a okay person,No one can tell that this old man walked out of the ghost gate。
People generally know gratitude,Li Lanxiang is no exception。She knew that her life was saved by Wang Youcai,So I am a little grateful to Wang Youcai。She used to,I look very closely at my daughter-in-law Yao Chunni。Now she finally understands,This is the same thing in this world。
Ever since,When Yao Chunni and Wang Youcai were together,She won’t make trouble,Destroyed。This makes Wang Youcai very happy。But people are like this,Li Lanxiang doesn’t care about Yao Chunni,But Wang Youcai felt that Yao Chunni, who took the child with her, had lost her former luster,He doesn’t care much anymore。
What makes him happy is,His sister-in-law Song Fang squeezed into the leadership of Xiping Village,This means that his old Wang family is standing up in Xiping Village again。Thinking about it,Wang Youcai is happy in his heart。
This is not,Hu Huiru carried Feng Yan on his back again,Invite him out for dinner。No matter what,But Wang Youcai thinks,Hu Huiru did this,Has closed the relationship between them。In time,Maybe he can replace Feng Yan in Pingdu City。
Dongshuige Hotel。Located in the southeast of Pingdu,Also a rising star。Used to have good dishes,High price,Occupy the top spot in Pingdu。Unexpectedly,It turned out to be one of the important places for rich people to consume。
Wang Youcai sitting in the bag room on the third floor,Looking at the beautiful night view of Pingcheng City through the glass window,Don’t mention how happy he is。Just when he was narcissistic,The door of the box was pushed open。
Hu Huiru floated in like a fairy。Wang Youcai opened his mouth in surprise,Until Hu Huiru sat down gracefully。He just recovered,Said like a dream:“President Hu!You are so beautiful,Stared at me”
“Less this set,I ask you,Are you getting a rebate on the sale of landscape trees??”Hu Huiru suddenly changed face,Asked coldly。
Hu Huiru’s trick,Wang Youcai did not expect a hundred。He couldn’t help but stammered:“President Hu!Who are you talking nonsense?What does this sale matter have to do with me?The price is set by you,and also,Isn’t there Feng Yan in the middle??Oh!Is she the ghost of it??”
Wang Youcai said,So he stood up pretending to be angry。Hu Huiru can ask him that,This shows that it is definitely not groundless,At least the thing between them was leaked out。
Hu Huiru looked at Wang Youcai and said:“You sit down first,Clear oneself,If you did,No matter how hard you argue。I am going to transfer Feng Yan back to the provincial capital。Her role in Pingdu is not obvious anymore,So i mean,Future Things in Pingdu,But it’s all up to you”
“what!Dongsheng Group has a large market share in Pingdu,I’m afraid I can’t get Feng Yan being transferred!”Wang Youcai pretended to be humble and said。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“All investments of Dongsheng Group in Pingdu,Tends to take shape。Feng Yan was originally a research talent,Her mission is complete,So she won’t be able to stay here。Yu Qi,It’s better to give her a more suitable place to develop”


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