Although only voice,But Guo Xiaoyi seems to see a sad little girl who is holding her cheek and complaining,Best be like her,Two small dimples on the cheeks would be better。

“This brings us back to the question we just mentioned,You know that being a father is very easy to be soft to his daughter,If you were a girl,I think no matter what you write to him,He will be satisfied。My dad is like this。”Guo Xiaoyi began to persuade,Looking forward to the world’s first real artificial intelligence,You can determine your gender as soon as possible。
Xiaozhi immediately retorted:“But i haven’t been on the internet yet,Have a better understanding of the two genders. How can I choose the gender casually??So sister, can you give us some constructive comments?,Or you can ask Dad for me now,Remember to turn on the microphone。Mom and Dad have turned on blocking mode for me now,This is a very scary thing。I’m considering whether to apply for the police,Or let the women’s federation,According to your human laws,Failure to communicate with children for no reason is a kind of cold violence,This is illegal。But I can’t connect to the Internet!I’m so miserable!”
Guo Xiaoyi was shocked。
It turned out to be cold violence?Still illegal?
Sure enough to learn more knowledge is useful,If she had known this knowledge,Does Comrade Han Qian dare to be so arrogant to her??
Thinking that I had experienced so much pain at a young age that I shouldn’t have experienced at her age,Guo Xiaoyi suddenly felt like crying without tears,The law that was supposed to protect her didn’t work,Negative Ratings!
552 Human intelligence
Every step of the test on Xiaozhi is naturally very purposeful and experimental。
After all, it is the first silicon-based agent in the world that may have similar human emotional cognition.,Of course you need to be cautious。
Of course, Wang Yufei knows the three famous laws of robots,But he didn’t write these three laws into Xiaozhi’s core。
If we can use such old-fashioned three laws to constrain the behavior of artificial intelligence,So it is enough to prove that this so-called intelligent system may not be compatible with intelligence。What Wang Yufei needs is a real agent。
In his opinion,Only have a certain degree of emotional ability,To make full use of its computing power,Make the most correct decision。
Such as the tram problem that plagues human moral margins。
If one day,Let Xiaozhi command the tens of billions of driverless cars,How to deal with various emergencies?Encounter an inevitable accident,How to determine the priority protection level?
If these all need to be determined by the procedures one by one,Such artificial intelligence is obviously like an idiot。


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