Think about it,But he still took a look,He almost cried out。Which sexy woman hasn’t returned to the soft sleeper for so long,Crowded in the crowd at this time。

As the saying goes,Everyone is afraid of falling behind,Desperately one by one,But they ignored the sexy woman around。She squeezed on one side,Neither up nor down,But her hands are not honest。
Standing in the distance, Xia Jian took a look and saw clearly,An anger surged in an instant。These people are poor people,Going out to earn hard-earned money,How can this woman bear the heart to attack these people。
Thought of here,Xia Jian was furious,When you are about to rush up,Guo Meili grabbed him and said:“Do not impulse,It’s a police matter,Has nothing to do with us。Don’t forget,What are you doing”
Guo Meili doesn’t know the strength,Dragged Xia Jian and ran a long way。When Xia Jian turns around,Never saw any woman。It’s really not a person,Unmatchable sea water,Such a beautiful woman,Sitting softly but doing such a job,This makes Xia Jian a little confused。
Xia Jian and Guo Meili returned to the car,The train started。Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian’s upper bunk,Whispered to Xia Jian:“Don’t be troublesome,We are out on business,Besides, these people are all gangs”
“Not as exaggerated as you said,Don’t believe it, let’s try”Xia Jian is testing Guo Meili,The trick he used is called the radical technique,I don’t know if Guo Meili will be fooled by him。
Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian and said:“You better stay with me honestly,Or look at the beautiful view from the car window,Go to bed,If you don’t listen,I’ll call Mr. Wang,She called me yesterday,Apart from talking about work, you are the boss along the way,You listen to me the rest of the time”
“what?“Xia Jian did not expect,These two women actually got him off in private,It seems these women can’t help but prevent。
Just at this time,The door of the box was pushed open,Where did the woman come in。If Xia Jian didn’t see her just now,Xia Jian will definitely ask two questions at this time。But now Xia Jian,Besides hating this woman,There is no good feeling。He turned his face out of the car window。
“Yo!The couple are watching the scenery!I really envy you“Which woman said without a head。Xia Jian thought,Damn you, don’t mess with the mandarin duck book,Be careful I beat you。
Guo Meili is polite,She laughed and said:“The view from the car window is so beautiful,Where did you go,How come back?“When Guo Meili said this,Complacent,As if nothing happened。
“Hi!There are a few fellows sitting in a hard-seat car,I chatted with them for a while“The old man said,And started packing up the upper bunk。Xia Jian still looked out the car window,He didn’t want to take another look at this woman。
Seeing Guo Meili,Ask with a smile:“Are you getting off the bus??“
“Originally wanted to goJLof,Don’t want to go now,Get off at the stop ahead“The woman’s voice just fell。Suddenly several policemen appeared at the door。
Which woman’s face changed,Make a sharp turn,I didn’t know where I found a dagger,She pointed at the policemen and shouted:“Don’t come over,Be careful I do“
Guo Meili couldn’t help but screamed。Xia Jian turned around now,But what he didn’t expect was,This woman suddenly stopped her left hand,And stopped him to her soft chest,The dagger in his right hand quickly reached under Xia Jian’s neck。


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