and so,Although Beigong Changhe is fully defending,But not let go,Retain some strength,In case of unexpected needs。

The sword shadow is endless,Suddenly there was an inconspicuous dark red sword light,But it contains explosive power,Hundred times stronger than other sword shadows,A sword penetrates the light curtain of the Beigong Long River,Nailed his shoulder through a fist-sized blood hole。
Beigong Changhe was injured,Weakened,Shrinking light curtain,Suddenly he was stabbed by the sky full of sword shadows and back again and again,Extremely embarrassed。
He retires,Although I feel a little flustered,But there is still more,Retreat without chaos,Protect your chest with a ruling,Wait for time。
“silly!”The strange guy standing in the shadow sneered,Finger,Towards the North Palace Changhe made a little bit。
Beigong Changhe is fully guarded against the strangers in front of you,But it’s cold and cold behind the neck,Under the big hack,He tilted his head subconsciously,A blood arrow shot from the back of his neck,Blood spilled all over the floor。
Beigong Changhe was shocked and horrified,He never expected,The opponent’s sword intent can be hidden in the void in advance,Really hard to defend。
And this sword intent,And the special sword intent that was mixed in the sky with sword shadow just now,All have terrible breaking power,With his strong defense power of forty-level fighters,You can see blood as soon as you stab,Totally unstoppable。
The other party has such a terrifying magic weapon,Destroy fighter defense,This is terrible!
To know,Among the three professions of God Nation,The fighter’s defense is the strongest,Blood high and thick,Serving as a meat shield is the warrior profession,Even those dark monsters with amazing attack power,Can’t cut through the defenses of advanced fighters,But now,A rapier,But it can create amazing lethality that ignores the defense of soldiers,As long as the opponent stabbed a few more swords,Beigong Changhe is in danger!
In a hurry,The North Palace Long River retreats a few steps,Bang,Back against the wall。
but,The generous walls did not bring him any sense of security,On the contrary, he feels that there is no way back,Isolated。
“What sword is that?Who are you!”Beigong Changhe roared with great anger。
They were still coveting for Anger Slasher before,But I didn’t know that there was already such a terrifying magic weapon in Hongliu City.。
If this magic weapon really fell into the hands of the person I guessed,How could the Beigong family only have its current status??


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